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At Clear All, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients by providing prompt and curtious service. We provide top notch service at a fair price and do not require service contracts to gain best pricing status or be a "normal" customer. We make annual service scheduling simple. If you're a new customer no problem! Just give us a call and we can get you scheduled today. As an existing customer continued service follow ups will go out annually so no need to sigh maintenance contracts to continue annual service!

Benefit of Preventive Maintenance  

Keeping your HVAC system in good shape helps you stay comfortable, improve indoor quality and save money on energy costs. Our HVAC Technicians keep all equipment in peak condition and operating the way it was designed to. These services include:

  • Air Conditioner & Heat Pump PM $135
  • Gas System PM $135 
  • Oil Heat System PM $185
  • On Demand Hot Water PM $135

So what is included in these service you ask?

Air Conditioning PM Service Includes

We start by confirming system is functional prior to any service being performed. We then will remove leaves, pine needles and debrise build up from inside the condenser to prevent corrosion to the unit base, condenser coil and compressor.  We clean the condenser coil to ensure proper air flow. Next we confirm the condenser contactor and compressor are operating properly by performing OHM checks and testing capacitor capacitance. We then check the indoor wet switches and condensate drain system to ensure proper condensate drainage. Next we check the air filter and duct work. Also inspected is the system electrical for loose wires and other potential issues. The final step of the service invloves indoor temperature splits and refrigerant charge check.

Heat Pump Split System PM Service Includes

We start by confirming system is functional prior to any service being performed. We clean the indoor unit air filters, test indoor drains, clean the condenser coil, check electrical, check refrigerant charge. We complete the service by confirming proper operation in both heat and cool mode.

Oil PM Service Includes

We start by confirming the heating system operates prior to any service being performed. Next we Inspect the system venting and chimney, brush and vacuum the system heat exchanger, inspect heat exchanger for cracks or leaks, replace burner nozzle, pump screen and oil tank filter, confirm system safety switches function properly and complete the service with a draft and combustion test. 

Gas PM Service Include 

We start by confirming the gas heating system operates prior to any service being performed. Next we clean the burner assembly, inspect the ignitor, clean the flame sensor, inspect heat exchanger, check filter if applicable, check and adjust if needed inlet and manifold gas pressure to unit spec., confirm all safety switches function normally, inspect intake air and exhaust system piping and perform draft and combustion test.  

On Demand Hot Water PM Service Includes

We start by confirming system is operational. Next we drain down system and clean any stariners. We then circulate viniger to descale the inside of the coil for optimal heat exchange. Next we inspect the system venting and condensate drainage. We inspect system electrical and confirm proper safety operation. We finish the service by circulating water to flush the vinger from the coil and confirming proper delivery temperature setting. 

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year round takes a lot of energy, but the usage is lower with a well-maintained unit. Plus, when your heating and cooling runs efficiently, it’s less likely to break down. With our HVAC services, you can run your system longer and keep your home more comfortable without extra costs.

Send us a email for Pm service scheduling or give us a call at     (603) 660-6655!